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During hit-recording artist Absofacto's national tour with Shaed, KMG Studio was commissioned by Atlantic Records to style Absofacto and film a recap of his day in New York which included a performance at AltNation Radio, an interview and performance at Sirius XM, and a concert at Bowery Ballroom.

For the styling, the day before the event KMG Studio hand-painted the DBZ character Vegeta and an Absofacto logo satire onto a pair of white Reebok Club C's, and screenprinted a graphic inspired by Absofacto on a few Champion embroidered tshirts. At 7pm, 2 hours before the concert at Bowery Ballroom, KMG Studio painted a pair of KMG Florals in front of the theatre, and hand-delivered them to Absofacto to wear during the performance.

With KMG Studio directing and editing the footage, the legendary 1000 Word$ capturing the day through his polaroids, the highly-talented Trippy Kid filming, and multi-talented designer Alissa Rome assisting.

All deliverables including the final cut for video were finished and handed over to Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records within 3 days of the shoot. Working on the project was a blessing, and Absofacto is truly one of the most talented, humble, and nicest artists ever.

Bowery Ballroom


When it comes to polaroid photographers, nobody in the world has the portfolio, personality, production-quality, and professionalism that the infamous New York City photographer 1000 Word$ has. 1000 Word$ is the first person ever to don a KMG Studio uniform. For the full span of the day, 1000 Word$ was commissioned to photograph Absofacto and KMG Studio.

True Story: Once the event was over and the deliverables were handed over to Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records, they immediately called KMG Studio and asked, "How the hell did this polaroid photographer take so many amazing pictures in a dark theatre!?" 


The animation for the song Dissolve was the project that connected Absofacto and KMG Studio. During the 'Kev Drew Every February' daily animation self-challenge, KMG Studio was inspired by Dissolve to create and tag Absofacto in the post on instagram.


After seeing the post, Absofacto reached out to KMG Studio to set up a meeting when he travels to New York while on tour to discuss potential album artwork and promotion commissions. Knowing Absofacto was an admirer of the KMG Floral jeans and other KMG styled pieces, it was proposed that KMG Studio styles him for the day and films the process. Things kept clicking and all of the above was brought to life.

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