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Mia Vesper is a high-fashion label based in New York City that is most well-known for turning vintage tapestries and fabrics into modern outerwear. Mia Vesper herself is a self-taught styling genius that has  had her work featured in Vogue, NYFW, and Beyonce's most recent hour-long music video. Mia also carries ready-to-wear collections, one of which KMG Studio had the pleasure of working on.

The Mia Vesper 'Horrified' merchandise from her 'Word of the Day' ready-to-wear collection came about while replicating some vintage hand-painted coveralls done by Mia. She was having trouble sourcing a screen printing company to run so many graphics all over vintage coveralls. She was referred to KMG Studio by word of mouth and four vintage coveralls were printed. 

While printing the coveralls, Mia came up with the concept and initial designs for her 'Word of the Day' collection. Due to the size of the graphics and the lack of available screen printers open during the Covid pandemic, KMG Studio was commissioned to create the first run of 'Horrified' hoodies. 

Prior to the photoshoot to market the hoodies, KMG Studio printed the graphic onto a spare ivory Comfort Colors t-shirt blank for Mia to wear since the photoshoot was on a hot day. When presented the t-shirt, Mia was so excited that she made the immediate decision to also shoot and produce the t-shirts.

Due to its release being right around the time of the tragedy regarding the murder of George Floyd, all profits from the 'Horrified' hoodies and t-shirts were donated to Black Lives Matter. About $4,000 total. 

Photos by So Krispy Productions.

Worn by Pete Davidson during the Jake Paul v. Ben Askren Triller PPV boxing match.

Birthday stuff


The friendship with Mia that manifested while working together makes this by far the most important and favorite collaboration I've ever done.


For her birthday, a small run of 'Mia Vesper x KMG Studio' crewnecks were made for all of the guests, and a custom backpack and crewneck was made for Mia.

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