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KMG Studio New York Fashion Animation Bebar BebarBarie Regarde Moi Soho grafitti art exhibition

For the infamous graffiti artist BebarBarie’s first New York Solo Show, Wallplay Network commissioned KMG Studio to create the exhibition promotions, merch, and help oversee day-to-day operations.


The turnaround time, execution of spraypaint techniques, and overall creativity and grit by Bebar is truly amongst the top graffiti artists in the world. Everyone was extremely humbled by the experience of seeing an artist of BebarBarie's caliber work through his design process, and his ability to quickly throw together masterful works with ease.


he show was a month-long with opening and closing day parties hosted by Jagermeister. The event was sponsored by Wallplay Network, Jagermeister, and ESP Camera. Photography by 1000WORD$. Security by Blass89.



For New York recording artist and mutual friend Samuel Limata, Bebar created the album artwork for the single 'Holy Water.' To promote the release on social media, KMG Studio created an animated cartoon of Sam and his pets getting trippy. 

The animation released in two versions. The first was a zoomed-out scene with heavy white space on the top and bottom of the frame, whereas the second had a reorganized setting with a more minimal layout, as well as larger characters and props that filled out the frame.


The paintings on the wall are initially artworks by KidSuper Studios creator Colm Dillane, before changing into original artworks by BebarBarie.

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